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About me

Hola! Hello! Merhaba! Assalam Alaikum!

Welcome to Halal Travel Style !

    I am Sacide Tuba, originally Turkish & raised in Turkey. Studied Communications-Electronic Media in Malaysia. Trained to be DJ and presented morning segments, introduced Turkish music in Malaysia radio for the first time. Studied & played local and international tracks from all around the world.
Took a career in tourism field, worked in government & private section as Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Executive Manager Asia Market and Freelance Travel Consultant within 5 years in Istanbul, Antalya, Sarajevo and traveled many countries meanwhile.

    As I have been traveling, I have realized that our religious sensitivity is discouraging many to travel non-Muslim countries. Not only non-Muslim countries but to an Islamic countries except Saudi Arabia to fulfill hajj pilgrim. I have met people who wants to travel  but can’t have courage, especially ladies. As I have developed myself creating my own and anyone requested itineraries to anywhere, to travel solo by my own to explore, my biggest dream to become the motivation to others, especially ladies to travel all around the world.

    I am a passionate traveler, love to learning new cultures and languages, meeting people from all over the world, love to explore, get lost in cities I haven’t been before. I hate routine. When I don’t travel I fulfill my time exploring my own city, go for photography, read books, do arts, and meet my traveler friends to listen their interesting stories.

    It was an idea to start a blog but there have been many. Rather than only writing up travel guide, I wanted to add entertainment to come up with something different for you to enjoy. Destinations,  hotels, halal travel tips, fashion, hijabi fashion, food tours, halal restaurants, culture & art, interview with aka travelers, with famous names and many more are designed for you, here in Halal Travel Style Magazine. Welcome 🙂

Let’s start with Bismillah…