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Living a halal lifestyle can be easy while we’re at our home country, but while we are traveling it could be little challenging. Being a Muslim traveler isn’t impossible, actually if you be prepared than it could be very easy. We want to share with you a couple of tips on how to travel with the halal way.


1.) Do Your Research

When traveling abroad, finding halal alternatives could be hard if you are not prepared. There are tons of information online. With simple research, you can find many halal alternatives ( hotels, etc.).


2.) Pack Some Snacks

Sometimes it could be hard to immediately find halal food while traveling. Also, there is always a risk of contamination. Its hard to trust regular places. Because of these reasons, it could be a good idea to pack some snacks. With this way you can eat some snacks while you are searching for a trusty place. You don’t want to walk around for hours while you are hungry. You could be acting like a crazy person. ( Trust us we know from experience:) )


3.) Learn To Say ‘’Pork’’ In A New Language

When it comes to halal food most important restriction comes from pork and alcohol. When you searching for food it will be so helpful to ask. When we traveling to another country we tend to learn similar phrases. Like hello, thank you, etc. With that country’s language. But what about learning ‘’pork’’ and ‘’alcohol’’ in various languages. This way you can ask restaurants and street markets to a meal without pork or alcohol. This will be so helpful while you are on your halal traveling journey.


4.) Find A Local Muslim Friend

Think about it! Do you know halal places in your city? Yes, probably you do. We sure you are knowing the best halal restaurants in your city because you are going to those places very frequently. The same thing goes for the city or country you are traveling. We can easily say local people know the best halal places. So find a local Muslim friend. You can find online or you can find at the mosque. Go to the mosque for your daily prayers and then after prayers ask the people there. We sure they will happy to help.


5.) Try Vegan or Vegetarian Restaurants

Sometimes it’s really hard to find a halal restaurant. If you are traveling to place who doesn’t have any halal restaurant option and you don’t want to eat regular restaurant because you can’t be sure for contamination than we highly suggest vegan or vegetarian restaurants. The vegan restaurant has so many options these days so we sure you can find something you like the taste to it.


Extra Tip:

Be creative and don’t stress about it. We live in a very convenient world. These days most of the countries we can find whatever we want very easily. And because industry for halal consumers is growing, we can say it’s easy to find halal products these days.

Its your time! What is your biggest halal travel trick? Please share with us at the comment section.

Have a wonderful travel our beautiful friends.


By Görkem Demir

Instagram : @withgorkem


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