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Who doesn’t like Turkish food? Especially the kebabs, lahmacuns and many more specific traditional cuisine. In every city of Turkey you will come across with different taste of food, the more you go through east the more spicy, the more you go through west it’s more wild and have more meze culture. The northern food, the Anatolian traditional cuisine in every city of middle region is differs too.

It’s great observing tourists whoever visit Turkey got an idea of tasting the most well known ‘kebab’ and ‘baklava’ or ‘lahmacun’ the Turkish pizza; which every one of us would definitely try once in Gaziantep city. It’s the city where these most well-known cuisine is made in most delicious form. Gaziantep also got variety of traditional food to taste other than the most well known- and you wouldn’t regret for trying any of it. Some of our ‘gastro traveler friends’ either influencers or youtubers get their daily return ticket to this city just to fill their stomach from morning till night to enjoy it.

Talking about delicious traditional cuisine a good news is Gaziantep is now Turkey’s Gastro city for gastronomy lovers.

Gaziantep is a city that has blended diverse cultures along the route starting from Yemen and going up North all the way to the Caucasus, and combined the characteristics of different civilizations from India to the East and Anatolia’s Aegean region to West. The city’s cuisine has been the strongest ingredient of this cultural fusion throughout history.

In 2015, Gaziantep has become the first Turkish city to be included in the UNESCO UCCN program (UNESCO Creative Cities Network) in the field of gastronomy.

GastroAntep, organized in coordination with the Gaziantep Development Foundation and the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, aims to promote the authentic cuisine of Gaziantep with the participation of world renowned Michelin star restaurant chefs, gastronomy professionals, scholars, students and all of our people from 12th of September till 15th of December 2019.

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