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Walking down in Istanbul’s not very well known streets by tourists, although it’s really close by to all historic attractions, I decide to highlight all these artistic, stylish here and there back streets of Karaköy on my social accounts to let everyone to discover with me!

The weather is amazing, sunny and windy summer day, it’s even more enjoyable after stopping by Galata Bridge to have a great Bosphorus view and getting down to Karaköy streets while hearing light jazz and hard rock from the hangouts all over.







Karaköy is just laid at backyard of Galata Tower, right behind the main streets as if expected to be discovered. It has been a place for Jews to live in history where now is all embraced by  bars, clubs and hipster hangouts with all different interiors.

As I said, it’s generally visited for drinking purpose, quite hard to find non-alcoholic places around here. But, we are lucky enough to finding Han Karaköy where there is no alcohol is served, full halal hangout for all of us.


Designed stiley modern on retro facility, right backyard of Karaköy closed by Karakoy Sokak, Han Karaköy is not only a choice for the full halal menu but a place a must seen to experience unique history. It’s a place where you walk around for a cool photography all around the street with graffiti, colorful umbrellas and come across to Han all of a sudden and say ‘why not to give a break here for a while?’ When you enter from the giant old gate warm smiling hosts will welcome you. Looks like it’s just a cafe located on a flat but it’s the whole building indeed.

A 130 years old building is designed for you to feel historic, meanwhile your eyes catching the stylish design all around. Every floor has its own design different than the other; the entrance is wide, spacious, bright meanwhile the second floor is where makes you feel a warmth of a home with sitting plans are right on the lengthy windows, furnished with soft colored fluffy cushions, small coffee tables and chairs. Having a nice book to read here while drinking Han’s famed hot herbal tea, enjoying the loud tasty music plays background would be wonderful for a loner company. Taking a cool shot on this corner for instagram would be really stylish too. Hanging with few friends would even much sweet to chat together just like we usually do with friends. Oh, not to forget, when you sit down, take a look at ceiling, it’s all mirrored. Those mirrors are building’s original mirrors back 130 years.

The third floor is celebrated on Instagram by youngsters  because of its balcony view. There are times where they cue up just to have the best shot to join the trend of Istanbulites 🙂 Never miss, join the trend, be the coolest one! Take a shot, share on Ig and hashtag #hancıyız

Third floor welcomes you with orange and brownish colors where there is a sofa set, a long multipurpose dinner table and a coffee-tea corner. Here is the floor where it can be reserved for workshops, organizations, daily  activities and birthday celebrations.

Let’s talk about the menu! They have a good one, the prices are ok, you can have a good breakfast or lunch. As the owner says, they prepare everything as healthy and clean as at home at the very hygienic kitchen,  use the best products for their guests. What’s unique about Han is their ice cream cookie, cookies and cold brew – a must try! I tried for all of you and recommend you 100 % 🙂

Owned by 2 young  brothers, Han Karaköy is Muslim youth favorite place at Karaköy, where ready to welcome anyone from any age group, welcomes anyone. When you are touring around Eminonu-Galata-Karaköy on your visit to Istanbul, stop by at Han Karaköy to enjoy to release sweet tiredness of the day.

Adress : Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mahallesi, Hoca Tahsin Sk. No:17, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Closed on Mondays     Open  : 10.00 – 22.00





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