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Bosnia Herzegovina.. beauty of the nature, mid point of western and eastern cultures where historic monuments remains from Austrians and Ottomans, remained war traces, friendly people who would tell you stories, amazing food to enjoy, wonderful coffee that locals can’t live without, peaceful, relaxing cities where you’ll find yourself relaxed right after coming back to plan to go again next.

It’s one of the first options to travel abroad when it comes to experience an international traveling for the first time in Turkey. Because of the shared history, culture and amount of the Bosnian refugees – we don’t call them refugee but Bosnian Turks indeed – , similar taste of food, mutual words in language, people prefer visiting first or at least once in their lives. It’s also close by miles, not takes long hours to fly but even suitable for a spend a weekend if you can manage to prepare tour itinerary well. Oh well, another good reason to choose visit Bosnia is there’s no visa required for Turkish citizens.

There are many tourism agents who are offering great tours around Balkans, Bosnia Herzegovina and specific other Balkan cities. One of the easiest ways to visit Bosnia is to buy a tour from a good tourism agent. However, it isn’t really hard to put a little effort to make everything on your own.

When it comes to pros and cons; we can compare it in that way: One of the good opportunities to travel with an agent is that their guiding services, which someone will give you information all along the way anywhere you go, you might not know. But, you can still read up and prepare well before getting there to know about where you are traveling. There are very good apps recently, which are for free that giving you all the information about a specific place that guide gives. You just need to download and start using. Another thing is, when you are traveling with group of people you have to follow up them, but when you are on your own, you can discover and explore by your own which gives pleasure. You just need to be prepared to face anything as well, as you are creating your own experience!

Preparing tour itinerary for Bosnia is one of the simplest things. Let me guide you about all the important steps you have to follow to get a smart easy itinerary without spending too much time on it.



You might want to spend a week, just a weekend, or 3-4 days in Bosnia, it’s all up to the activities you are planning to do when you go there. Traveling for some days to have an idea or to spend a month to get used with locals and local lifestyle like me, is an option for everyone. I loved to spend Ramadan there. It’s a such unique experience to have in a lifetime. To plan on visiting, minimum 2 nights and maximum 4 nights are good enough to see all classic touristic attractions.



One of the most important thing is when to go? If you are living in a tropic country such as Malaysia, you would love to experience cold weather and snow. If you are living at middle eastern part of the world, you might evaluate a eid vacation or as such..

Flight tickets and hotels are more reasonable during winter season and you won’t be coming across supernumerary tourists. You can enjoy cool weather, make sure to get prepared accordingly.

Spring is beautiful, it’s an open up season for tourists as they like to visit Bosnia between April – October. If you think of traveling especially on formal vacation dates, make sure to book everything earlier, flight ticket prices gets high on last minute as you can hardly find hotels to book as well.



It’s really important to decide your travel dates as  earliest as possible before start making reservations. Bosnia don’t have any airline company but Turkish Airlines and Pegasus got daily direct flight basis from Istanbul to the capital city Sarajevo. From other long distance cities and corners of the world, the flights are usually with Istanbul transition. For the close by European cities, it is possible to go to Bosnia with train or the bus as well. If you are thinking on visiting Bosnia after visiting Istanbul, Turkey, you might check for end- season discounts of Pegasus or Turkish Airlines online to get cheapest deals. 

For the hotel bookings, it’s always great tool to use online booking search engines such as or Expedia. Checking these websites are great to catch daily discounts for a location-wise hotels.



When you check out the classic tour itineraries of tourism agents, you’ll come across to Sarajevo and Mostar. You can get this idea for your 3 night 4 days trip. For a weekend trip, Sarajevo will be good enough. For a week trip I would recommend Sarajevo, Mostar, Blagaj, Pocitelj and Konjic if you wanna have smooth timing for everything.



Since the places and cities are close by, you don’t need any specific transport inside the Sarajevo city. You can have taxis around which will cost quite reasonable because the places are close by, you can have the tram all around the city too. The main attractions of Sarajevo is walk-by distance in general. Going to Mostar and other places you can get bus or train tickets or rent a car.



Let’s list down all the attractions

SARAJEVO : Bascarsija, Sebilj, Gazi Husrev Beg Mosque (Begova Djamija), Gazi Husrev Beg Medrasa,  Sahat Kula (Clock Tower), Morica Han, Sarajevski Ratni Tunel, Latin Bridge, Hunkar Mosque, Brusa Bezistan, National Library, Svrzina Kuca (Svrzina’s House), Coppersmith Street, Ali Pasha Mosque, Katedrala Srca Isusova (Catholic Cathedral), Alifakovac Martyrdom, Ferhadija Mosque, Serbian Orthadox Cathedral, At Mejdan, Inat Kuca, Vjecna Vatra (Endless Fire), Vrelo Bosna


MOSTAR : Stari Most (Old Bridge), Don’t Forget Stone, Carsija, Muslibegovic House,Koski Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Karagöz Begova Mosque, War Photo Exhibition, Kriva Cupria (Crooked Bridge), Blagaj Village, Pocitelj



Trying the local food while traveling is one of our favorite thing to do. The food is amazing, it’s halal and much more like the Turkish food. You just need to be careful at Mostar as there are huge non-Muslim community too. You can try looking for Bosnians shops around. If you are coming from a South Asian country, you’d probably search for rice all around. There are a must try local tastes, you should give a try at least.

Burek : It’s a pastry that great as breakfast or having anytime during the day! They filled it with cheese, potato, meat or spinach. Meat filled one add yoghurt on is amazing and called ‘Bosnak Manti’. It’s served hot.

Cevapcici : This local taste is very well known. Bosnian meatballs or kofte could be called. Minced beef is shaped and barbecued, served with chopped onions, kajmak and a hot somun/bread.

Dolma : Same as Turkish one in shape but different in taste, dolma is rice, meat & spice filled chilies or wrapped grape leaves or cabbage. It’s served hot, well goes with bread and yoghurt.

Bakery : You’ll see the ‘Pekara’ named shops all around the city. There are variety of bakery to grab and enjoy anytime.

Bosanska Kafa : Bosnian coffee is one of the most delicious coffees in the world. It came with pot and fincan (cup) together with lokum (Turkish delight). If you ever plan on trying, try at the beautiful antic atmosphere of Morica Han at Bascarsija.

Water : Drink as much as you can. It’s natural and available everywhere at every foundation for free!



Yes, it’s almost done! Checking out all over again to make sure, there’s nothing missing before filling your camera with wonderful captures


Went all the places recommended? I am sure you wanna go again next year, yes, I did it too! 🙂 Checking out other interesting details for your next trip would be amazing while repeating the same experience will give you much pleasure after a year of missing it.

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