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    Our traveling style is changing day by day as millennial are more towards using technology. We prefer using technology than going manual way to get our vacation plans in this century. Deciding destinations even unlike classic before,  but it’s more optional and varied. We aren’t depend on what a travel agent going to offer us but we are more likely to make our own research online, following up with popular vloggers on YouTube or travel bloggers to help out to make our itineraries according to their articles. We see a wonderful capture of a tiny detail of a touristic city on Instagram and we tend to note it to visit next!


    As our habits changed, we are offered to use services online by, TripAdvisor,, and more to make our hotel room reservations, renting transportation and etc. without depending on anyone, as we like. It’s a great opportunity to make travel plans by our own by using online services.


    At this point, we meet with a brand new, a trendy for young generation, to use it in advance online booking reservation services : Kitchen to! Based in Estonia, the website is only designed to fulfill anyone’s needs such as; hotel bookings, car rentals, transfers and guide on demand.


    As its co-founder Mr. Aykut explains why they named their new brand as ‘kitchen to book’ is, simply because they are raised up in the kitchen of the field to give the best service quality to their customers. So, the quality of service and 15 years of experience in tourism is harmonized before it reaches you as service online. 


    Kitchen to arises with its new trendy concept as they majorly focus on youth, the millennials who love traveling. It  welcomes anyone, as they give a boutique services worldwide, they also meet the needs of those who are looking for ‘halal’ hotels on demand. Moreover, the system presents full time 24/7 support in any unwanted situation happened. 

    With its more than 50.000 hotels worldwide, always online and trendy with #canistaywithyou hashtag, 24/7 customer service available, is impatient to give the best quality of their services for their customers from all around the world.

     If you would like to make your reservations for more reasonable prices and trendy way, is awaiting to give you a unique service anytime!

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