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After the increase of Muslim travelers visit to Russia in 2017, the country’s tourism professionals are interested in halal tourism now.


Announced by Russia Federal Tourism Agency (Rosturism), around 9.5 million Muslims visited Russia in 2017.

Russian tourism industry is opened a new brunch for ‘halal tourism’ after receiving 9.5 million Muslims in last year 2017, they started making new projects for Muslims.

Russia is highly interested as tourism destination by tourists, as at some areas Muslim population is high so the Islamic culture is widely practiced, said the authority of the Russia Federal Tourism Agency.

Oleg Safonov, The Head of the Rosturizm informed; they are working on Muslim Friendly Project under the name of ‘Russian Hospitality’ together with the tourism professionals, in his speech.
Hotels, restaurants and cafes which got ‘halal’ certificate is signed to the project meanwhile, they are giving big importance to the training of the guides and the interpreters in the project.
Source : Turizm Gazetesi

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