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When we travel to Muslim countries it’s easy to have food anywhere according to our taste however, it’s quite hard to be that much comfy when we do travel to non-Muslim countries unless there is a wide Muslim community present there. There wasn’t much sources online 10 years back, except few pages prepared to google mosques and halal restaurants all over the world which weren’t too healthy as they didn’t update frequently.I remember doing my research before going to Barcelona, listing down the halal restaurants but when I arrived, I found a shut down shops on the given address on website.

Our Muslim youth is more productive and make things easy for travelers or locals like for each other, and go deep work on it especially in countries like Singapore at South-east Asia, the UK in the West. Things became easier with Facebook and Instagram, and the first time I came across account on Instagram, I got so happy thinking when I travel my halal-restaurant places are readily listed down! Recently, I am coming across more and more pages doing similar thing, they dig halal restaurants all around the UK, at particular city, or a neighborhood. Some even look for any restaurants which can be tried as vegan, and so on.

Here we collected some very beneficial Halal Food bloggers  for those who are planning to visit the UK.



Halal Place is the go – to for British Muslims today. They offer a range of conveniences, from locating suitable places to eat and pray when you are out and about, to finding the best Shariah-compliant business and retail services across the UK. You can use your location and your preferences to choose from their services by just downloading the app on your phone.

As travelers can download the app and use the benefits of the Halal.Place services, business owners can apply their business brands on this app. So, if you own a business place you can register on



The Halal Food Guy is a blog where you can find variety of halal food restaurants ; all halal food, restaurant that is near to any masjid, alternative restaurants which serves pork but got halal meat or chicken. Moreover, one of the easiest way of this blog is, the writer added the map where you can just look at the map and go through the closest halal restaurants around the place you stay. Not only that, review & scores of the food taste and service quality is offered by this blog will make your way of choosing where to eat enjoyable rather than only looking for halal food.





Based in London, the Halal Chronicles aimed to offer the most interesting, unusual, unique halal establishment and cuisines all around London rather than typical Turkish or Arabic restaurants. Owned by London raised husband and wife, their work is pretty much interesting. Why to follow them? Because, they’re original halal food bloggers. Also Mr. Chronicles raised by a restaurant owner parents so they got knowledge of how a food come to the serve to the customer and finally, and they love to discover new places and share with others. As they review the food, they also share some recipes on their website which is really beneficial for those who are loving to cook different cuisine in their own kitchen.

Please check on :



Halal Food Diary offers a great option of a location map of all restaurants serves halal food all around the London. Meanwhile another great thing is, you can check out the halal restaurant options given from different countries the writer traveled to. With variety of options, to get the best halal food, you can take a look through the restaurant review and complete your London itinerary together with ‘where to eat the halal food’

Check out on :



A London raised writer finds out the best halal food from restaurants to food tracks all around the London city for all of us. Offering food reviews, prices,  recipes, Halal Grubbin is one of the must check websites before completing travel itinerary.

Please visit :

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