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Walking down around the shore with wonderful Bosphorus view on the cold Sunday morning with a wonderful accompany, inhaling freezing fresh air exhaling the cold smoke across the sea while passing next to the fisher men who stand one after another fishing, awake yet at this hour just to enjoy their hobbies keep alive, catching a big chubby fish with excitement and chatting each other while looking for a hot tea to warm themselves up, I pause every now and than to click my camera on while passing from Beşiktaş to Bebek shore, especially at Arnavutköy after seeing the lovely colorful mansions.

After walking almost 8 kilometers we arrive to Bebek shore, and stop by a cute, lovely, dinky cafe called ‘Grandpa’. Very popular at Instagram recently, I realize why my sister chose this route for this Sunday, we love to discover new stylish hangouts. Immediately screams ‘huh here we are!’ Placed at the shore, beginning of the İnşirah Street, we opened up the door crowded with people who’re having their Sunday breakfast, A smiling face welcomes us.

Finding a table we felt lucky, sat down and take a look at the menu for the best coffee to warm ourselves up. They are famous with their variety of coffee choices on social media, especially with infused coffees. We ordered a Chemex and filter coffee. Moved to ‘Grandma’ part to choose sweet delights to have with drinks. Banana bread was nice, but would be much delish without salt grains. Croissants were quite big, you can choose with chocolate, plain, with jam and with almonds.


The interior catches our eyes while waiting for our coffee, it’s stylish, lovely, feels European. Now let’s have few cool clicks for Instagram.

As I have write on ‘halal’ places, there’s no alcohol served at this beautiful cafe. Yes, in the middle of Bebek Neighborhood 🙂

Having sometime around this neighborhood with bunch of friends, Grandpa is the great place to stop by for a coffee, you’ll love the quality taste of the coffee here.


Adress :İnşirah Sokağı, 1A, Bebek Mahallesi


Photographed by Saliha Büşra Barkçin


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