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After flying 10 hours from Istanbul, seeing palm trees from the plane’s window while landing off is already excited to see a tropical country for the fist time. Reaching KLIA which is one of the best airports in the world is making us feel like home. After grabbing some snacks from the shop as we wanted – because everything is halal here – stepping out, the humid hot weather crushes our face; Selamat Datang ke Malaysia ( Welcome to Malaysia )!

With a smiling face, kind gestured driver takes us to the city center. Feeling of happiness watching palm forest for 45 minutes played lagu-lagu on the background we reached to our destination. Jatlegged, but too excited to go around. A quick shower, dressing up the thinnest clothes followed by a wonderful dinner Nasi Goreng Pattaya with Tembikai Jus makes forget our tiredness.


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