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I visited during breezy winter time, but it’s a city where you can visit any time of the year. Fall leaves all around, the beautiful colors of the season all around the city, gives different vibes especially around Tour Eiffel, taking wonderful shots of Eiffel Tower, walking through Seine River while biting the delicious crepe I just bought from the corner, seeing Street artists and watching them for a while, thinking off heading toward Champs Ellysees  Street to experience luxurious shopping all along and stop by Arc de Triumph. This place is always crowded and interesting, and yes, it’s romantic whether you have a partner or not!

Paris is not only capital of the France but capital of the romance in the World. With its heavenly details like wide boulevards, splendid buildings as sample of gothic architecture, Saint River, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, it has been subjected to different artworks. Because of these unique details, Paris is visited by 30 million tourists from all around the World and reserves the ‘world’s most touristic city’ title.

Population of the city is almost 12 million together with its suburbs. The population of city center is around 2,3 million. Established around Saint River, Paris is one of the most popular cities of Europe. Most of the monuments in Paris are protected by UNESCO Heritage Site. Seeing the medieval and Roman artworks is possible by long walks from Montmartre to Quartier Latin. Reminiscing the open air museum, Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world.

What makes Paris perfect is not only its perfect urban planning and its ecol architect but Paris is the center of the governing, finance, economy, health, education, moreover; culture , art, shopping and flavor capital too.

You can taste French cuisine at most stylish cafes and restaurants as there are variety of halal food corners all around, visit one of the best museums Louvre Museum out of 10 all around the World, have fun at Disneyland all day long.

As satisfy the needs of any budget traveler, Paris offers wide variety of accommodation choices too. You can easily use subways to reach almost anywhere all around the city.

It may sound too iconic and may not take your interest at first, but once you arrive, you’ll realize why it’s preferred destination for 12 months a year.

To have a short visit to Paris, make your itinerary minimum 4 days. Within 4 days, you can only see surface of the places if you want to go and see all attractions. If you plan on visiting Disneyland, add 2 more days because a day isn’t enough to cover both Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Read our article about ‘Paris Tourist Attractions’ before preparing your itinerary.

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