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When mentioned, Istanbul is one of the food paradise on earth. With its kebabs, traditional cuisine, baklavas and more, it satisfy the food taste of any tourist from all around the world. From Ottomans till today, with the variety of food from different parts of Turkey, also with the international food, Istanbul got many restaurant choices from reasonable ones to the ones to have special dinner type.

When it comes to the Street Food, Istanbul offers great choices as well. I am sure any of you knows the taste of ‘simit’ if you have been to Istanbul once. Barbecued chestnuts, corns, even more of that is wet burger, fries sandwiches, rice and beans… Let’s see what’s in our list!



Most famous Street food, the round shaped crunchy sesamed bakery found almost every corner with cheapest price. Best to combine with hot Turkish tea or yoghurt drink ayran.



Boiled or barbecued, salty delicious corns are out there for you to try!



One of the most delicious, my favorite Street food best made in Taqsim Square or around Istiklal Street but found anywhere, Wet Burger is simple burger with few ingredients. There’s burger bread, meat inside and the hot tomato souce. The tomato souce moistures the bread therefore it’s called wet burger. You must give a try !


Hello fries lovers! Any of you tried our hot hot fries sandwiches to get more calories? 😀


The word ‘Krompir’ meant ‘potato’ in Balkans language. It’s believed that during Ottoman period the Turkish soldiers who were on the job at Balkans, took this word and invented this deliciously delicious food. A oven-dried potato is mixed with salt, butter and cheese, added any toppings like olives, pickles, salads you choose, served with mayonese and ketchup. Widely sold anywhere but famous at Ortaköy, you must give a try for sure!


Çiğ köfte originally is the raw meat cooked by kneading for hours together with spices, tomato & chili paste and bulghur. And it has to be consumed immediately. However, it became a street food industry widely sold anywhere, the meat is not added due to hygiene. It’s so delicious if you love spicy food. A wrap together with squeezed lemon, pomegranate syrup, greens and pickles. It’s a must try!


Taken from Armenian cuisine, stuffed mussel is loved by anyone. You need to open up the cover, squeeze lemon on it and put into your mouth. Sold by peddlers at every corner.


Rice cooked with chickpeas served with chicken and hot chili pickles. A portion is already enough, good together with yoghurt drink ‘ayran’. Preferred usually after leaving the workplace at rush hour, You’ll see the authentic seller cars in every corner.


Turks usually have the culture to cook chestnut during cold winter nights. It’s mostly sell around touristic areas of Istanbul 12 months of the year.


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