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Baku city is one of the most beautiful world’s cities is located at the joint of Europe and Asia. The capital’s name itself is interpreted as a “wind blow”, “city of winds” or “hill”, “city on the hill”.

The port city of Baku, the cultural, industrial and political capital of Azerbaijan is located on the western Caspian seaside, on the bay shores of the same name in the southern part of the Apsheron Peninsula, rich in its oil fields. Baku consists of 11 administrative districts and 5 townships.

The city itself is the largest cultural center of Azerbaijan. It is the place where a national theater, the first in Muslim East, lifted the curtain, the first opera was performed, the first Azerbaijan newspaper was published, the first Azerbaijan library was opened. Today Baku is known to have 30 museums, 7 theaters, 11 institutions of higher education, philharmonic, opera theater, film studio, cinema theaters and libraries housed in the city’s most beautiful buildings having an interior decoration which is every bit as good as their interior cultural content.

Tourists are offered with beautiful city sight, old and new, legendary countrysides, wonderful food, vibrant atmosphere of cultural music and dance and many more. Let’s see what are the 10 a must places to see on your visit to this enchanting city!



As the Old City of Baku harboring the many historical monuments, it’s the travelers number one listed place to see. People had been settled here since paleolithic era, Old City is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site on the year of 2000, and listed as one of the World heritage under the endanger on 2003. There are more than 50 historical monuments placed all around this old cobblestones.



Built during Shirvanshah Dynasty of Shah Ibrahim Halilullah, it is one of the most important symbol of the regional architecture. As remained from 15th century, Shirvanshah Palace is used as hospital and barracks in the past, and turned out to be museum today. Besides the shah’s personal belongings; there are hand made arts exhibited like carpets, stained glasses inside the museum.



Built on 12th century, Maiden Tower of Baku is 27 sq-meters, 8 floors,  offers the wonderful view of big part of coastline of Hazar Sea, the Port and the historical old city at the top. There are many fame about the tower. It’s believed that it was once a zarathustra temple, then become lighthouse during 18th- 19th century. Today, it’s hosting the exhibitions and souvenir shops.



Closed to the Nizami Street, Targova is the part of the Nizami Street which is closed to the traffic. You can have one of the best local restaurants, unique boutiques, cafes and shops all around. Never miss the chance to spend time at this vibrant place, especially when all lights up on evening time.



Given the name of Azeri Poet Nizami Ganjavi, Nizami Street is special place for shopaholic travelers. Surrounded with shops, cafes and also the historical important monuments, Nizamiye Street is 3,5 km long, closed to traffic, designed wonderful for those who loves photography especially becomes stunning at night with lightnings.



Fire Temple (Ateşgah) is placed in Surakhani Town where is 30 km away from Baku city center. One of the three remain Zoroastrian temples in the World, Fire Temple is listed spiritual sites at what to see in Baku list. The first part of the monument built on 1713 (the barn), main prayer hall was 1810. It was an important temple for Zarathustras at past, today some of its rooms are turned out to be museum.



Found by mistake by a shepherd who was trying to light a fire, natural gas source found, Yanar Dağ is placed in Apsheron Peninsula where is famous with its salt lakes. Flames reaches to 3 meters with pressure effect from the continuously burning gas welding. It’s very easy to Access here by buses from Baku city center.



To feel the Bakü that placed coast line of the Hazar Sea, with its unique architecture, to breath in windy weather which almost never leave Baku for 12 months a year under the Flag Poll with colors of Azerbaijan Flag, taking a few shots to keep it as memory.

Baku Boulevard is established on 1909. It was the petrol tradesman settlement at past, later protected as National Waterside Park. The bulkhead line boulevard is extended after the independence and became the center of attraction where the museums, monuments and entertainment center.



Placed next to the fleet base, National Flag Square is found by Ilham Aliyev, the president of the country on 2007 and launched on 2010. Stated in the Guinness Records, the flag poll is 162 square meter tallest in the world, symbolize the togetherness and the integrity of the Azeri public, placed at coast side. There is also a mausoleum which the Azerbaijan rigging and national anthem is written on.



It’s called Şehitler Hiyabani ( Martyrs Lane), buried 15,000 graves of martyrs who died in Baku War under the governing of Ottoman Empire. You can see the names of Turkish Martyrs of  1130 of them listed on the board.

When the Bolsheviks took over the area, they changed the place name and make it entertainment center from 1924 to 1990, later took it’s old name and status after the Kara Ocak Case on 1990.

It’s a short walk away from the city center.



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