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Taking a transit flight and you have a 24 hours in Istanbul , thinking how to spend it alone? Especially if you are coming to Istanbul for the first time and excited to see the magnificent historical places and taking pictures like you see on Instagram? Let me guide you. It’s really easy if you follow the guideline I prepared for the solo travelers like you.

Istanbul is a metropolis city with the population of 20 millions. From early Romans to Ottomans and from then till now, it has been the apple eye of whoever conquered. Therefore, there are lots to see in one city. A week would only cover to see and feel the beauty of it, however, we can pick up the most visited places and schedule them to cover to spend a beautiful day. You may not have a friend to take you around, and plan on budget way as solo traveler?  Here we go


Arriving in early morning, you can take Bosphorus Tour from any counters at Eminönü. You’ll have 2 and half hour to see whole Istanbul through Bosphorus. While enjoying the view have a Turkish tea and feed the seagulls with Street food called simit. Take as much as nice shots you can.

Bosphorus tours are open 7 days, morning till night. Tours timings varies from 2 and half hour to half day tours or midnight cruises.

Price : 12 Lira


Once you are done with the tour, you’ll be back to Eminönü again. Crossing the Street, you’ll see Spice Bazaar, where you can buy fruit teas, Turkish delights and spices.

Entrance is free. Open for__days a week from __ to ___


Sultanahmet Square is called Hippoddrome during Byzentyne Empire. It was the center for the horse rides, celebrations and for any events of public. Here, we’ve got Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern and Topkapı Palace. If we can use our time wisely, you can even make time for Grand Bazaar.

It’s very easy to head toward Sultanahmet by tramway. You need to take tramline to Sultanahmet from Eminönü which just 4 stations away. When you stop by Sultanahmet, just need to pick the places by using the time wisely.



One time a Christian Church, the other time Masjid, Hagia Sophia is as magnificant as it stands. Built on ____ by Emperor Justidious order, it was the most shining monument in the World at a time. After the Ottoman Emperor Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul, it turned out to be mosque by covering the human mosaics around. After the establishment of Turkish Republic, The Hagia Sophia become a museum where people all over the wolrd just come and visit.

Hagia Sophia is open everyday from 9 to 6pm



Used as water dispanse as the city would be facing any attack Emperor Justidious thought, The Crying Sütun and Medusa will get your attention while walking around the undergraund enjoying the acoustics.

The Basilica Cistern is open from __-___ everyday? Entrance fee is 20 Lira


Built on ___The first mosque with 6 minarets in the world, gets visit from all over the World, the magnificant Blue Mosque (also called Sultanahmet Mosque) takes its name from the adorning blue tiles around its walls. A huge yard and historic Ottoman Architect makes this mosque unique. Listening ezan and praying with the cemaah here would what will make your trip unique and memorable.

Blue Mosque is open every day and it’s closed for 90 minutes during prayer times 5 times a day for non-Muslim tourists.


The first biggest covered Bazaar in the World, built on ___ during Ottoman Empire. There’re more than 4,000 shops inside selling from jewellery to scarves, Turkish delights to leather, souverniors, etc. Be careful not to get lost as there’re many Gates opens to different areas.

The Grand Bazaar is closed on Sundays. Other days it’s open from 9am till 7pm






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