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Joshua’s Hill – Yuşa Tepesi

Prophet Joshua’s tomb laid at one of the most beautiful sites of Istanbul across the Bosphorus, at Beykoz at Anatolian/Asian side. The hill itself is naturally beautiful, calm, mesmerizing. The town-like place is placed with local’s small shops that are selling organic-handmade natural products and  tea gardens. People visit the hill in the purpose of visiting the Prophet Joshua’s tomb, or having picnic at gross green, also for social activities. However, if you are going to visit, you need to exchange few transportation to reach.

As the people came and built their holy sanctuaries at every period, the hill hosted many religion and belief since early times. There was a Zeus Temple at first, and The Hagios Michael Church later. However, both sanctuaries were destroyed after multiple earthquakes took place.

Today, Joshua’s Hill (Yuşa Tepesi in Turkish) hosts The Prophet Joshua’s tomb. The tomb is one of the longest you’ll ever see, it’s 17 meters. The reason behind the length of the tomb is varied. As some said, the Prophet Joshua was as tall as 17 meters, while others said the tomb is that long because no one really know where his body laid exactly, in order to show respect and protection the area is widely covered.

The Tomb of The Prophet Joshua a.s. As it’s 17 meters long, people enter from one gate and follow the line reading Qur’an, then leave from exit gate



Prophet Joshua was sent to spread the truth just like other prophets did. His bloodline was linked with the Prophet Yusuf (a.s.). As he was born in Egypt, his mother was the sister of the Prophet Musa (a.s.). He was the commander, main squeeze of the Prophet Musa (a.s.) It’s narrated that, Prophet Joshua a.s. come to the Bosphorus together with the Prophet Musa and he passed away here, and buried at this hill. So, what’s the mystery of the hill?


After becoming the governor, Sultan Sulaiman of Ottoman Empire ordered to build two darwish lounge at both European and Asian parts of Istanbul for his foster-brother Shaikh Yahya Efendi, who was a darwish and a shaikh. One day Shaikh Yahya  Efendi saw someone in his dream, that he was calling as ‘ I am the Prophet Yoshua, visit me. I am in that hill, come and find me”. When he woke up, he really didn’t care about the dream he had a previous night and didn’t go to that hill.

Again next day, same person appears in his dream saying ; ‘You didn’t come. Come and find me tomorrow’.

After this, Shaikh Yahya Efendi  makes research about Prophet Joshua’s tomb and he founds that his tomb is in Palestine according to the resources. After acknowledging this information, he decides not to care about dreams he keeps having. However, at the same day same dream hits him but this time Prophet Joshua appear very angry. Yahya Efendi goes to the hill immediately as he woke up!

Once he reach, he comes across with a shepherd. They start having conversation and Yahya Efendi asks if he has seen anything strange around this hill, as the shepherd had been working at the same area for quite long time. The shepherd points out a place ‘You see that grassed area?’ he asks. ”Whenever I bring my herd here, they never step on that area. They pass by all around but never step on that area or ate grass there”.

From that day on, Shaikh Yahya Efendi known as the only person who found the Prophet Joshua’s tomb. After this matter happened, he immidiately goes to Sultan Sulaiman and tells about the whole story. As soon as Sultan heard the story, he orders to protect this area by tomb and a mosque.


The tomb is placed at Beykoz neighbourhood at Istanbul. If you want to go there by bus, you need to take 15T, 15TY and 135G.

If you want to drive, from Kavacik turnout, you need to take Beykoz side to reach to Tokatköy. Once you reach to Tokatköy, the boards will guide you.

You can visit the tomb from 9am till 6pm every day.

Note: Once you are at Joshua’s Hill, You may visit Yoros Castle which is very close too.

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