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When it comes to food, Turkey is one of the paradise you’ll enjoy it at maximum as the taste of food meet satisfy the needs of anyone from different parts of the World. As a culinary art, Ottoman Cuisine was blend of different cultural taste of Turkish, Balkans, Persian, and Levant. Today, still every region has its own cultural cuisine which makes the every part of Turkey unique with their cuisine worth to try.

As a tourist or a traveler, many of you are familiar with very well known food of Turkey like kebab, baklava, İskender, lentil soup, çay and coffee. At first glimpse, these are recommended at any travel blog or article, once you reach you should try list. In fact, there’s more to try and enjoy than those.

In this article I prepared the home made delishes where Turks usually cook at their homes and it’s easly found at any restaurants that cook home made food anywhere around.

Let’s Explore!


Photo Courtesy : Arda’nın Mutfağı

Karnıyarık in Turkish literally means splitted tummy! As the fried eggplants splitted in middle, the minced beef is filled in between and cooked with tomato souce and is a must try! Karnıyarık usually comes with pilav and cacık.


Pilav is the name of cooked rice in general. To serve with main dish, we usually cook either plain rice or rice with vermicelli. Pilav is cooked also as  a main dish.There’re plenty of different pilavs which are tasty and worth to try. Nohut- pilav is one of the Street food you can find anywhere. Other than that, there’s pilav with eggplant, Uzbek Pilav, Perde Pilavı (Pilav covered with dough and raw almonds), etc.


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Similar to Indian-Pakistani side dish, Cacık is yoghurt mixed with chopped cucumber, dry mint on top, nice to have with heavy main dishes.


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There’re variety of salads all around, and if you are crazy for salads, you’ll enjoy it much. Çoban salata is one of the basic salads which is mixture of midium cut tomatoes, cucumber, chilis and onion squeezed lemon, salt and olive oil mixture will go along with any food along.


Also called Turkish dumplings, a dough cut into pieces and filled with minced beef. Served hot, yoghurt and melted butter with spices on top. One of the most delicious which all Turks love it. Must give a try!


As British consume beans in their breakfast, we cook it as a meal to serve for lunch or dinner. It’s cooked with chopped meat, may be spicy (or not) and served with Turkish Pilav (rice). Pickles, raw onion makes it complete meal.


One of the most fine work Turkish ladies do, takes quite much time but worth it. Yaprak Sarma is one of the starters or olive oil dish that served cold or it’s made with minced beef to served hot. The stuffing is prepared either with minced beef or without, the grape leaves will be rolled up one by one and cooked later. As a cold appatizer it has to wait for sometime before served. This’s one of the favorite dishes of Turks in general.


This is different type of dolma, it’s served as appetizer as cold and like main dish when it’s stuffed with minced beef served hot. Appetizers may taste a little different in every region. The cold mezes of Ege Region is famous. In Antep city, they use a lot of spices but it’s too tasty either. Eastern part, they don’t use spice and they may be stuffed with meat. This appetizers goes well with salad or cacık.


Hello eggplant lovers! Would you love to have meatballs wrapped with fried eggplants infused with tomato sauce in oven. Served as main dish, you’ll enjoy this home made kebab.


Special to Izmir city, this is one of the main dish prepared at home which is as delicious as kebabs. Köfte, fried potatoes and hot tomato souce is cooked in oven and it goes well with pilav or hot fresh Turkish bread.


Meatballs, potatoes and tomato souce cooked in soucepan. Better with nice spices. Having pilav and yoghurt along make it complete.

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