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Hello dessert lovers! If you are dessert mania just like I am, you will love your time here in Istanbul with variety of dessert shops from Classic Turkish desserts to waffles and crepes, dough desserts with syrup, milky puddings,  and many more! While touring around, you can have a coffee or tea break to try the ones out of others we listed for you. Here you go


Famous in all over Middle East and Balkans, especially Turkey and Levant, leads conflicts among Turks and Arabs  time to time when we speak about each other’s culture, Baklava is the most delicious and filthy in Turkey, especially at Gaziantep city. It is made of many layers of thin dough, filled with pistachios or walnut in, butter on hot top to make it crispy and added syrup to make it filthy after the oven to ready to serve. There are variety of baklavas with pistachio, nuts, walnut, with chocolate, in different shapes and names. There are many well known companies who are making baklava from the lineage till today in different cities with many brunches like Güllüoğlu and Hakkı Zade in Istanbul, Hacıbaba in Ankara and so on. It’s easy to access to those.


Famous and known by almost anyone, kunefe is oven baked shredded pastry with pistachio and cheese filling in thick syrup angels hair dessert. The hot filthy aroma of dessert and melted cheese inside is overly mouth watering. It’s the most famous and delicious in Hatay city in Turkey. Easy to access all over Turkey as there are specific places who only makes künefe, and other patisseries who serves it.


Burma kadayıf is shredded wheat dessert with pistachio or walnut filling. If you don’t like cheese filling like in Künefe, you must try this for sure. Burma kadayıf easly found in any baklava or dessert shops.


This is one of the most delicious type of baklava that you must try! Not many layers like baklava, it’s crunchy, filled with pistachio or walnuts, syrup isn’t heavy as baklava. Great combination with a hot tea or Turkish coffee.


Sort of dessert filled with heavy syrup, made of only pistachios. A piece of it gives an energy, a portion will make it feel like bomb to continue your touring around! 🙂 Sold in Baklava shops, found anywhere. Worth to try.


A dough filled syrup sort of dessert is like cookies with syrup. Delicious, not too heavy like baklava, can be found at dessert shops and it can be cooked at homes too.


Oh! Tulumba is a must try once you are here. Looks like churros as a shape, it’s fried dough filled with syrup which gives pleasure to feel crunchy at first bite then fills your mouth with nice syrup taste. It’s one of the cheapest dessert that found anywhere.


Originally Syrian, called Şambaba or Revani in Turkey, it’s a cake like dessert made of semolina with syrup. A must try with hot tea or coffee. At 80s there was dessert sellers who used to sell this while cycling on streets to earn. As it was the piece of culture which is almost forgotten, today we see it very rare and it makes us happy to see those old uncles who still keep that culture.


Milky rice pudding. A light, pleasant dessert could be done at homes too.


I am sure, many of you knows the story of the ashoora. When the Prophet Noah and believers were in the ship, he cooked the mixture of remain legumes and since then the culture of ashoora continues. As it’s cooked on the month of Muharram, it’s cooked any other day too, like you can find it any dessert shop around.


Another type of dough filled syrup given rose shape is a must try, but usually made at homes. So, you are lucky if you have Turkish friend who knows this dessert 🙂


Because of its shape called Kuş Yuvası means Bird Nest. A dough filled syrup dessert which is too delicious!


It’s the helva made of semolina. A light, delicious dessert to try. A recent trend is to serve this helva with ice-cream. You can give a try.



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